World Masters Games 2017 celebrates milestone

New Zealand is celebrating the two-year-mark ahead of the World Masters Games 2017.

Staged in Auckland – New Zealand’s vibrant ‘City of Sails’ the World Masters Games is set to be the largest athletics meet New Zealand has ever seen. The tournament is an estimated four times the size of the Commonwealth Games, held in New Zealand in 1990, and will feature an estimated 2500 athletes, with some 700 medals up for grabs.

Masters age athletes

As the largest competition within the World Masters Games 2017 sports programme, athletics is just one sport upping its planning and preparations to host the world’s largest multi-sport event for masters age athletes in Auckland. 

Tuesday (21.04.2015) marks two years to go until the event kicks off with an Olympic-style opening ceremony on 21 April, 2017.

“The last major gathering of athletes from multiple sports (in New Zealand) was 25 years ago when then 1990 Commonwealth Games hit town.  They seemed big at the time but a quick look at the stats shows just how much bigger the World Masters Games 2017 will be on just about every level,” World Masters Games 2017 Organising Committee Chief Executive Jennah Wootten said.

“We see this event as a catalyst for New Zealand.  A successful Games will demonstrate that New Zealand is capable of hosting a major multi-sport event,” she says.

International competitors

Ms Wootten says the goal is to deliver on every level a superior Games, especially for the 13,000 competitors who will travel internationally to compete.

“We are working closely with our Airline Partner, Air New Zealand, to ensure ease of travel to New Zealand through its international network of more than 25 destinations throughout Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, Asia, Pacific Islands and South America.  In addition, the airline’s extensive domestic route network means international visitors have great access to explore the rest of New Zealand before or after the Games.”

“As we celebrate two years, we hope people will get behind the Games effort, and start registering their interest – either as participants, officials or perhaps volunteers. We’ll be welcoming athletes from 100 countries to our country for the World Masters Games. We know New Zealanders will welcome these visitors in true kiwi style, and no doubt put up some stiff competition to keep the Games interesting.”

About World Masters Games 2017

The World Masters Games is the largest multi-sport event in the world.  In terms of athlete numbers, it is bigger in scale than even the Olympics.

Auckland will host the event from 21 to 30 April 2017 during which time 25,000 athletes will compete in 28 sports across 45 competition venues.  

The Games are regarded as the largest event New Zealand will host in at least the next decade.