Guide to coffee roasters celebrates New Zealand’s best

A guide to New Zealand coffee has been released, celebrating the country’s growing specialty roasting scene.

A guide to New Zealand coffee has been released, celebrating the country’s growing specialty roasting scene. 

The 60-page booklet, produced by Neat Places Ltd, showcases 29 specialty coffee roasters in Auckland, New Plymouth, Havelock North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. 

The pocket sized booklet is for anyone from coffee novices to the scenesters obsessed with finding the perfect roast, says Johnny Gibson from Neat Places

“A big emphasis of the book is on the industry leaders who are constantly innovating to produce the best coffee possible.”

“We’ve also made an effort to focus on companies who are involved in the entire process, from the growing and purchasing of beans through to roasting. A few roasters are working alongside growers, providing much needed resources and providing a consistent liveable wage for the growers. This is important for the future sustainability of the coffee industry.” 

“Neat Places’ Guide to New Zealand’s Coffee Roasters is a welcome addition to the commentary around specialty coffee in New Zealand”, says Al Keating, managing director of specialty coffee company, Coffee Supreme. 

“We are a nation obsessed with coffee and are always on the look-out for that new innovation in roasting. This book offers us a brief insight into the new coffee trends we should expect to see in New Zealand.” 

The Neat Places Guide to Coffee Roasters is also a showcase of the roasters’ flagship cafes, where the roasting, serving and education of coffee takes place.  

Jeff Kennedy from Acme & Co says, “There is not coffee without the café. The café has taken the place of the community dance hall, the church and the office.” 

“New Zealand coffee is probably the best in the world and the industry will continue to grow as more dedicated coffee geeks carry on our unique tradition. There are over 300 registered roasters in New Zealand, but the Neat Places Guide to Coffee Roasters presents those roasting it the best.”

New Zealand coffee terms

  • Espresso / short black - basis for all coffee styles, espresso is full-flavoured, fragrant, with a velvety body and lingering after-taste; single serving in a demi-tasse (small cup)
  • Macchiato - a single or double espresso shot, just stained with frothed milk
  • Long black - single serving of espresso, with the same amount of hot water added; served in large cup filled to just under the top, or sometimes with the water provided separately
  • Flat white - one third espresso, two thirds steamed milk with a touch of swirled froth
  • Cappuccino - regular espresso with equal parts steamed milk and foam, sprinkled with chocolate or cinnamon
  • Caffe latte - regular espresso, topped with hot milk and little or no froth
  • Mochaccino - one third each of espresso, steamed milk, cocoa