Crazy hot drinks to celebrate International Coffee Day in New Zealand

Sunday October 1 marks International Coffee Day and New Zealanders take pride in the quality of their coffee.

Sunday October 1 marks International Coffee Day and it is no secret that New Zealanders take pride in the quality of their coffee. 

All over the country flat whites, long blacks and everything in between are the essentials to get Kiwis started on their day. 

But there is more to a café menu than the traditional flat white. Some cafés are pushing boundaries with some outrageous creations. We have picked out some of the most interesting. 

C1 Espresso, Christchurch

C1 Espresso in Christchurch is like a mad science laboratory of activity. Bubble tea coffee, charcoal lattes and pumpkin spiced lattes are all served in quirky style often incorporating dry ice for spectacular effect. Check out the kid’s menu as well for some crazy versions of hot chocolate. 

Laneway Espresso, Christchurch

Another Christchurch fave, Laneway Espresso is famous for it’s Red Velvet Latte, like the classic cake but in liquid form. So good. 

Flight Coffee, Wellington

Found in New Zealand’s coffee capital, Flight Coffee’s tasting board is a great way to experience different beans and styles of coffee. For the expert or someone who wants to look like an expert. 

Major Sprout, Auckland

Caffeine just not fitting with your new wellness way of life? Check out Auckland’s Major Sprout and give the special latte board a go. Featuring a matcha latte, tumeric latte and ginger latte. Don’t spend too much time gramming the prettiness or your drinks will go cold.

Winona Forever, Auckland

Sometimes you just want a good ol’ cuppa tea and at Winona Forever (named after Johnny Depp’s infamous tattoo) in Auckland they’ve got your back. Try their gorgeous Earl Grey latte for a taste of old with a taste of new.