Crystal Gazing - The Future of Travel

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown Tourism New Zealand

What does the future of travel in New Zealand look like? It's a question we're asking ourselves, and one we're being asked by others around the world.

As a result, the Tourism New Zealand PR team are looking ahead, crystal gazing, shaking the magic 8-ball to determine what hopes the tourism industry has for their future. We speak to some of the country's top operators about what their plans are; think giving back to the land, to the local community, and providing an impact that goes beyond tourism. This is reiterated by some of the nation's savviest RTOs and our conservation leader, the Department of Conservation. 

Exclusive interviews have been conducted, tourism businesses examined, and we've compiled a range of assets and documentation to support storytelling around the future of tourism. Contact the PR Team for support in sharing these stories.

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