New Zealand wildlife show off their beards for world champs

The World Beard and Moustache Championships are coming to New Zealand in 2021 and the wildlife are on board.

Facial hair aficionados from around the globe will descend on Auckland, New Zealand for the World Beard and Moustache Championships in 2021.

The World Beard and Moustache Championships is a biennial competition in which some of the most outrageous, and highly styled facial hair on the planet is on display.

From kiwi birds to whales you can spot unique New Zealand wildlife in their natural habitat sporting some stunning five-o-clock shadows which could see some of our furry friends sign up for the global competition. 

  1. The full kiwi – The brown kiwi rocks an all over style beard but he is a bit shy about it. You can see these hirsute hipsters sharing groom tips at night on Stewart Island. 
  2. The bohemian – The tui, one of New Zealand’s most beautiful birds, displays a brilliant white tuft that just oozes bohemian style. Zealandia Sanctuary is a great spot to see these cool birds at play.
  3. The goat-tee – These guys pretty much set the trend with the aptly named goatee. These particular goats also happen to make some pretty delicious Kaikoura Goat cheese.
  4. Feeling the burn – Some say alpacas pioneered sideburns. Whether or not that’s true it doesn’t matter because they own the look. Get some style tips at Nevalea Alpaca Farm in Taumaranui in the Central North Island.
  5. Seal steez – The New Zealand fur seal knows how to rock a moustache. Their stunning whiskers glisten in the sun and make even the most stylish moustache grower jealous. You can see these guys around the coastal waters of the Otago Peninsula.  
  6. Remembering Shrek – Shrek the merino sheep was one of New Zealand’s most infamous beard growers. Shrek’s family still reside at Bendigo Station in Wanaka and each February travel to Queenstown for the Running of the Wools, the unique sight of hundreds of merino sheep herding through downtown streets.
  7. Modest marvels – The whales off the coast of Kaikoura keep their beards hidden. While the humpback whales’ baleen bristles help filter their food, like human men, they often find bits of it stuck in their beard.
  8. Seafood stubble – New Zealand green lipped mussels are delicious, but their beards, as great as they are, are best removed before eating but that doesn’t stop these guys supporting the cause. Marlborough Tour Company will take you straight to the source to sample these beauties. 
  9. Humble humans – Beards come in all different shapes and sizes in New Zealand, be it the groomed faces of Auckland, or the rough and ready beards on the men of the south. You can find these creatures in High Street, along Ponsonby Road or on the rugged plains of Southland.