Eastland is New Zealand's "far east" – the coastal region that is first in New Zealand and the world to wake to the brush of the sun’s rays each day.

Extending into the pounding Pacific Ocean, Eastland has a warm, dry climate and relaxed coastal lifestyle offering authentic Māori culture, vast outdoor spaces, and good food and wine. Sunrise here, the first place in the world to wake each day, is a unique experience. 
In another significant first, Kaiti Beach in Gisborne, Eastland's main city, was the first landing site for both early Māori and European arrivals to New Zealand – although they were centuries apart. A fascinating city walk highlights many places of historical significance.
Gisborne is surrounded by fertile river valleys of vineyards, orchards, market gardens and farms. Away from the city, Eastland's landscape is wild and rural, with forests, mountains, beaches, rivers and lakes. Remote Lake Waikaremoana, in Te Urewera mountains, has a four-day walking track that is one of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks.

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