Dunedin has a rich Scottish heritage, historic architecture and New Zealand’s oldest university, with populations of curious wildlife inhabiting the Otago Peninsula.

Author Mark Twain once said of Dunedin: "The people are Scotch. They stopped here on their way from home to heaven thinking they had arrived." One of New Zealand’s oldest and most important settler cities, Dunedin’s Scottish heritage shows in its fine Edwardian and Victorian architecture, restaurants and bars serving haggis and a wee tipple, and the skirl of bagpipes heard at many events.
The commercial hub of the Otago region, Dunedin is today considered one of the world’s great small cities, a centre of learning, heritage, arts and culture with stunning views from the city rise. Restaurants, cafes, hotels and accommodation lie within walking distance of the vibrant city centre.
Dunedin is snugly placed in the Otago Harbour, sheltered in the arms of a long-dormant volcanic cone. The numerous surrounding beaches and inlets are spectacular and, just beyond the city limits, Otago Peninsula is a haven for wildlife populations and world-leading sustainability projects.