New Zealand Coastline, Freshwater and types of fish

The New Zealand coastline, freshwater system and types of fish found in New Zealand waters.

New Zealand has 15,811 km (9824 miles) of coastline, which means great saltwater fishing. The country is also criss-crossed with rivers and lakes, making for the best fresh water fishing in the world.

Types of fish

Types of fish found in New Zealand waters include:

Saltwater Fish Species

Barracouta; bass; blue cod; blue maomao; blue moki; blue mackerel; bluenose warehou; grey mullet; gurnard; hapuku; jack mackerel; john dory; kahawai; red cod; snapper; tarakihi; trumpeter; yellowtail kingfish; warehou; trevally; parore

Bill Fish

Black, blue and striped marlin; broadbill swordfish


Albacore: skipjack; yellowfin; bigeye; Southern bluefin


Blue; mako; bronze whaler; hammerhead; spotted dogfish; tope (school shark); white; thresher

Freshwater Fish Species

Brown, rainbow and brook trout; perch; rudd; tench

Further Information

Pictures and information on all of these can be found at the Fish NZ website.