New Zealand chef: Martin Bosley

Martin Bosley is one of New Zealand’s finest chefs. He has worked in and owned award-winning restaurants and is known for his exciting cuisine.

Martin Bosley is one of New Zealand’s finest chefs. He has worked in and owned a number of award-winning restaurants and now has his own range of food products called Bosley's Pantry.

With a food philosophy inspired by the wealth of great local ingredients, Bosley is a recognised leader in developing a broad, rich and exciting New Zealand cuisine - a cuisine that reflects a country of diverse multicultural tastes and stellar produce.

He is a huge fan of the heroic efforts of Kiwi winemakers, farmers, fishermen, and locally produced, artisan crafted food.

Martin Bosley is one of the co-founders of Wellington’s iconic City Market, a weekly food and wine market showcasing Wellington’s artisan and bespoke producers.

Rare restauranteur

Martin Bosley opened his first restaurant at the age of 21, together with his wife, and has won eight major awards since 2006.

He has been described as a rare restauranteur who takes passion for his profession to the highest level, attending to each and every detail that ensures his guest enjoys absolute satisfaction.

It is originality - both in flavours and textures - that set Bosley apart. His flavour combinations are said to be logically conceived, based firmly on experience and unfailingly delicious.

Bosley's Pantry

Amateur cooks can now recreate Bosley's flavour profiles at home thanks to his new venture Bosley's Pantry.

Shoppers can purchse his personal range of sauces, dressings, vinaigrettes, salts and rubs that Bosley perfected over his years of working in restaurants. 

Palm Sugar syrup, his famous 'Marty Sauce' and herb salt are among the flavour sensations home cooks can purchase to turn their dishes into something special.

Cordon Bleu

Martin Bosley wanted to be a chef from the age of nine.

"My parents dined out frequently and my siblings and I often accompanied them. In the weekends, they hosted lunch and dinner parties where the food was largely influenced by their subscription to Cordon Bleu magazine.

"Every month when a new issue arrived they would progressively cook every recipe in it so I knew the difference between a profiterole and an éclair by the time I was 13! My father would often lock himself in the kitchen on a Sunday and just cook. The men in my family have always cooked," he says.

Award-winning restaurants

Having lived and worked most of his life in and around Wellington, Bosley says he is passionate about the city for its proximity to the sea and to wine and produce-growing regions of New Zealand.

He says his food philosophy is based on simple beliefs: "eat what’s in season, what’s local and what’s fresh. Food should please the eye as well as the palate."

Bosley’s first head chef position was at the Grain of Salt in Wellington at age 20. The restaurant established an innovative reputation, gained a loyal following, and won the Best Restaurant in New Zealand award.

After a brief stint working at Petit Lyon, Bosley bought the building and opened his first restaurant, Giverny, to critical acclaim and international review. He then joined Brasserie Flipp as head chef from 1991 to 1993. A leading New Zealand restaurant, Flipp was also listed as one of the best restaurants in the world in Courvoisier’s Book of the Best.

Bosley then moved offshore to Port Douglas, Australia where he ran a restaurant, catering business and delicatessen for four years. 

On his return he worked in Auckland for a brief period at Ramses Bar and Grill, before the call back to Wellington proved too strong to resist and he rejoined Flipp for a further three years.

"After some time out to pursue consultancy work and a trip to France, where meals at Pierre Gagnaire, Michel Bras and Troisgros provided huge enjoyment and influence, my business partner and I decided to open the restaurant we had been talking about for 20 years," he says. "Our aim was to create a truly special seafood restaurant, where guests could have a unique dining experience.

The result was Martin Bosley’s - an award-winning restaurant on Wellington’s waterfront, the ideal setting for a restaurant specialising in seafood. Bosley operated from there for many years until 2013 when he decided to focus on other culinary pursuits while developing his range of gourmet food products.

Martin Bosley Cooks

His first book, Martin Bosley Cooks was released in 2008. His latest release, Martin Bosley, has been described as setting a new benchmark in cookbook publishing, and has been nominated at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for the’ Best Chef Book’ award.

For five years he was the food columnist for The Listener magazine, and contributes a monthly food column to Kia Ora - Air New Zealand’s in-flight magazine.

Bosley is also a regular television guest. He has featured on ‘The Good Morning Show’ on the Television One network, and now appears on Choice TV’s new ‘Brunch’ show.

Culinary Awards: Martin Bosley

  • 2012 Cuisine Best Specialist Restaurant
  • 2010 Cuisine Restaurant of the Year - Best Smart Dining (runner up)
  • 2009 Wellingtonian of the Year
  • 2007 Supreme Winner Cuisine Restaurant of the Year
  • 2007 Cusine Restaurant of the Year - Best Fine Dining
  • 2007 Supreme Winner Montana WOW Edible Arts

Background: Local flavours - Wellington on a Plate

Wellington is renowned for its sophisticated food scene, including more than 300 cafés, bars and restaurants, and claims more places to eat and drink per capita than New York.

The Wellington region is also endowed with close proximity to a wide range of food sources - fresh produce from the gardens of the Horowhenua - on the west coast north of the city - and the award-winning vineyards of the Wairarapa boutique wine region. Across Cook Strait, the Marlborough and Nelson Tasman regions produce wine, seafood, fruit and olive oil.

In August each year the city celebrates its culinary culture with a major food festival. Wellington-on-a-plate is a celebration of the region's restaurants, food suppliers and vineyards.

Wellington’s vibrant dining scene includes award-winning restaurants, and a huge choice of more casual dining in the city’s prolific cafés.