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Risk-taking is a way of life for base jumping supremo and veteran skydiver Chuck Berry.

Risk-taking is a way of life for thrill-seeker Chuck Berry – a professional RedBull-sponsored athlete and stuntman who loves nothing better than an adrenalin-defying challenge.

The Kiwi dare devil and adventurer, who shares the name of a rock ’n’ roll legend, is also a performer at heart.

Originally from Christchurch, his talents in adventure sports range from snowboarding to paragliding.  

Berry did his first skydive at 17 and since then has jumped more than 6,000 times across the world. 

He has taken part in a number of world records, and currently holds the record for the Highest Static Trapeze Act. He is a New Zealand canopy formation flying record holder.  

In 2003, aided by a special 'wing' suit based on the Madagascan flying squirrel, Berry completed the longest unassisted flight from one coast of New Zealand to the other.

For a human being, subject to the laws of gravity, aerial adventurer Berry seems to spend an infeasible amount of time in the air. He is on a mission to explore the limits of 'flying' the human body.

The athlete’s biggest stunts have included the world’s first wingsuit skydive across Yokohama Harbour in Japan and becoming the first person in the world to skydive using just a tent. He also became the first person to fly over Lake Hillier, in Western Australia.

Berry says he loves most adventure sports especially skydiving, base-jumping, kayaking, scuba diving, paragliding, snowboarding and climbing (rock, ice, alpine).

When people tell him his pursuits are crazy, he thanks them. He once broke his neck in a biking accident but even that couldn’t stop him.

His favourite food is any home-cooked meal and his favourite singer is Frank Zappa.

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