The World Masters Games 2017 registrations go live

The World Masters Games 2017 kicks off in Auckland in just over a year and registrations are now open for next year’s event.

The World Masters Games 2017, the world’s largest multi-sport event that kicks off in Auckland in just over a year, have announced registrations are now open for next year’s Games.

Sports-lovers from around the world are encouraged to sign up and take part in one of the 28 sports on offer in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. 

World Masters Games 2017 Chief Executive Jennah Wootten says the Games are open to all masters athletes, regardless of sporting capability. 

“For some people, the World Masters Games is about taking on international competition and winning gold. For others, it’s more about travelling to the host country to celebrate and enjoy sport with like-minded people,” she says. 

 “In addition to 12,000+ New Zealanders, we are expecting more than 12,000 international competitors, with half of those coming from Australia. Even though competitors don’t represent their country, there tends to be a great deal of patriotism involved. We hope kiwis will embrace the Games so that visiting athletes feel our warm welcome but also our competitive spirit!” 

As with all other World Masters Games, there is generally no need to qualify or be selected to compete. As long as you are over the minimum age for your chosen sport, and meet the minimum disability classification requirements in the case of para-sports, you can take part. 

Auckland footballer Bob Thomas and his “Mum’s Mob” team mates are World Masters Games regulars. They are looking forward to competing against footballing rivals from around the world right in their own backyard. 

“Auckland 2017 will be the fourth World Masters Games the team has competed in, and we’ve always looked forward to our four yearly travel to some interesting destinations. But we’re equally excited to have the opportunity to show off on our own patch,” says Bob. 

Surrounded by two harbours, you are never far from the water with beautiful beaches, hiking trails and a dozen enchanting holiday islands. Add a sunny climate, a background rhythm of Polynesian culture and a passion for outstanding food, wine and shopping, and you’re beginning to get the picture of Auckland.  April is the start of the Autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere city, so after the heat of the summer is over the mild temperatures are great for sporting activities.  

The World Masters Games were founded in 1985 with the first held in Toronto, Canada. The last two Games were held in Sydney in 2009 and Torino in 2013. The New Zealand Games feature 28 sports and 45 disciplines with competition scheduled to take place over 10 consecutive days from 21-30 April 2017. The entry age is different for each sport, ranging from 25+ in swimming to 40 for dragon boat (a canoe discipline). Competitors generally compete in their own age group. 

Registrations for the Games close 31 January, 2017. Places in some sports are capped, so those interested should act promptly. 

About World Masters Games 2017 

The World Masters Games is the largest multi-sport event in the world. In terms of athlete numbers, it is bigger in scale than even the Olympics. Auckland will host the event from 21 to 30 April 2017 during which time 25,000 athletes will compete in 28 sports across 45 competition venues. The Games are regarded as the largest event New Zealand will host in at least the next decade.