New light on Hobbiton Movie Set experience

Visitors to the Hobbiton Movie Set can expect to see the Tolkien inspired movie set in a whole new light.

Located in the pastoral region surrounding Matamata, in New Zealand’s North Island, Hobbiton is a beautifully crafted ode-to-Middle-earth. The now famous film set, nestled in 1250 acres (500 hectares) of English-style countryside on a family-run working beef and sheep farm, has undergone a tremendous transformation since it was first featured in the Sir Peter Jackson directed The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

The release of the first two instalments of The Hobbit Trilogy has seen the movie set continue to evolve and enthral all those who set foot in The Shire.

Delightful ale-house

The delightful ale-house, The Green Dragon Inn opened to coincide with the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 2012. In 2013 the set was redressed and ‘brought to life’ with twitching curtains, faint flute music and Hobbit-sized washing blowing in the breeze.

Hobbiton is now combining these features - with the addition of new ambient lighting - to offer visitors a unique night-time experience. Guests on the new evening dinner tour will experience the beauty of the Hobbiton Movie Set lit against a darkening sky.

Through winding paths and past cute Hobbit holes the journey makes its way to The Green Dragon Inn where a roaring fire and complimentary beverage from the exclusive Hobbit Southfarthing range awaits. A hearty Hobbit banquet feast is served in The Green Dragon dining room, where second helpings of the delectable food are not only available, but encouraged.

After-dinner meander

Visitors then take an after-dinner meander back along the wandering paths of The Shire with the way illuminated by path lighting. Each visitor will also receive a handheld lantern to help them on their way under the night-sky.

Hobbiton Movie Set’s General Manager, Russell Alexander is looking forward to having guests share in the beauty of Hobbiton Movie Set in the evening.

"We are delighted to be able to launch our latest development with the evening dinner tour experience. After feedback from our guests we think the opportunity to dine in The Green Dragon as part of a tour will be very well received."

Dinner tours will begin on a weekly basis from June 2014.

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