Dig This is coming to Invercargill, New Zealand

Invercargill's new attraction Dig This lets guests live out their wildest fantasies operating heavy machinery.

New Zealand's southernmost city of Invercargill is fast building a reputation as a must-visit destination for motoring enthusiasts and transport buffs. 

In what will be a New Zealand first, Transport World has announced that it is gearing up to launch a third attraction with Dig This, further staking their claim as the transport tourism capital of New Zealand. 

Based on the hugely popular formula established by Dig This Las Vegas, guests will now be able to live out their wildest fantasies operating heavy machinery, including bulldozers, excavators, mini excavators and skid steers in a giant, adult-sized sand pit.

Scheduled to open in spring 2017, Transport World is busy preparing a new site located on Otepuni Ave for future excavation. Dig This, Invercargill is designed for anyone who has ever wanted to operate heavy machinery and will include interests for both young and old. Easy to pick up, guests will operate heavy machinery whilst being challenged to a series of games within a controlled and safe environment. 

Tourism Operations Manager, Hannah Whyte says: “Transport World is really excited about this new attraction as we just think it is such a unique and fun concept. We can’t wait to give our guests the opportunity to play in a giant sand pit!”

Dig This, Invercargill expands upon Transport World’s vision to create a hub of world class transport-related activities. Dig This, Invercargill will complement two other major attractions - Bill Richardson Transport World and Classic Motorcycle Mecca - becoming another drawcard to Invercargill for those interested in wheeled activities.

Scott O’Donnell, Transport World Director says: “We are trying to create new and unique reasons for people to not only visit Invercargill but also stay longer. Whether it be new attractions or events we really want to see Invercargill’s tourism and the inner city flourish. We are looking forward to launching Dig This, Invercargill as it’s another positive step towards these goals”.

Classic Motorcycle Mecca & Bill Richardson Transport Museum

The Classic Motorcycle Mecca was previously housed in Nelson and known as NZ Classic Motorcycles. This world-class collection features more than 300 motorbikes.

The Southland region has a celebrated obsession with motorbikes and wheeled pastimes. Invercargill is also home to the Bill Richardson Transport World – reputedly the largest private collection in the world of its type with over 300 rare and significant vehicles including vintage trucks, racing cars and other rare vehicles.