Auckland Harbour Bridge to become New Zealand’s newest night light experience

Coloured lights will soon shine across Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour in a world-first bridge lighting display.

Coloured lights will soon shine across Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour in a world-first bridge lighting display. 

New Zealand’s biggest city icon, the Auckland Harbour Bridge is about to get a new fancy lighting treatment with sustainable permanent coloured lighting that transforms for special event lighting displays. 

The display will be powered by 630 solar panels and one gigantic energy storage battery producing enough energy for 200 homes. The energy system will power the bridge lighting while also producing enough power to supply the nearby waterside entertainment precinct in the Wynyard Quarter.

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city is set between two harbours and offers magnificent coastal expanses. The bridge across the Waitemata Harbour connects the central city with the North Shore suburbs and dominates the city’s waterfront.

As part of the multimillion dollar energy efficiency partnership between Vector and Auckland Council, the iconic Harbour Bridge will be the first bridge in the world to be lit entirely by solar-stored energy. The individually controlled LED lights will be capable of transforming the bridge with customised lighting shows for special events and occasions in the style of other world monuments such as the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building and Dubai's Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

“The harbour bridge is an icon of Auckland,” says Auckland Mayor Phil Goff “and lighting it up will make the city at night a more interesting and vibrant sight. Powered by solar energy it will also reflect our commitment as a city to energy efficiency, sustainability and low carbon emissions.”

There will be a special event to mark the official turning on of the lights and the transformation of an Auckland icon into a global icon. The launch date is yet to be confirmed but it is hoped this will be before the end of 2017.  

Fast facts

  • First bridge in the world to be fully lit by solar generated energy, stored in batteries
  • Nearly 90,000 individual LED lights, and 200 LED floodlights
  • 2,716m of linear strip that will contain nearly 70,000 of the LED lights
  • More than 630 solar panels 
  • One mega battery that stores enough energy to power 200 houses