Lifestyle Clothing

New Zealanders' outdoor lifestyle has created demand for high-quality lifestyle clothing. Line 7 is a leading world label in yachting sportswear. Also Untouched World and Snowy Peak, and uses for Merino.

Line 7

Line 7 began life in 1963 producing outerwear for New Zealand farmers. These days it produces a range of yachting-themed casual and active clothing , and has captured the men’s and women’s yachting themed sportswear market with its design and manufacture and exports to Australia, the US, Italy, Switzerland, and Scandinavia.

Further Information
Ross Munro
Line 7 Managing Director
Phone +64 9 308 7700

Untouched World

Untouched World is a lifestyle brand that aims to mirror life in New Zealand. The eco-conscious and globally aware label symbolises much that is valued by New Zealanders - nature and the outdoors, and seeking new adventures. Untouched World’s clothing is created from innovative fabrics including ‘Mountainsilk’, which is 100 percent-pure, fine merino wool, for which New Zealand is renowned. The ‘Merinomink’ range is an innovation that marries a pest (the possum) with New Zealand’s best-known animal (the sheep). The merino wool-possum fibre blend created is durable, light, soft and warm.

‘Cassum’ adds cashmere to the merino-possum mix, while ‘Nature Fleece’ is a polyester-merino wool blend that creates a stretch fabric. Peri Drysdale is the CEO of Snowy Peak Ltd, the company that developed Untouched World in Christchurch as a unique New Zealand lifestyle brand concept that incorporates nature and a bicultural heritage.

Further Information
Untouched World
Phone +64 3 357 9399
Fax +64 3 358 9309

Snowy Peak
Peri Drysdale
Phone +64 3 358 3809
Mobile +64 21 326 079  

Merino - fine attributes

The Merino New Zealand brand was launched in 1996 by New Zealand Merino Ltd. Its aim is to market the unique attributes of New Zealand merino wool and the company as been described as the link between high country and high fashion. Results of this marketing have been excellent, with several leading international fabric manufacturers and knitwear companies committing to use New Zealand merino fibre, including Italian suit manufacturer Loro Piana, US suitmaker Oxford Clothes, UK label DAKS and Wain Shiell. The major market for New Zealand Merino is Europe, followed by Asia, the US and New Zealand. Merino is a superb, fine and durable fibre. In microns, it measures anywhere between 13 and 24, as compared to a human hair which is around 60 microns.

Further Information
Mark Nevin
Marketing Manager
Merino New Zealand
Phone +64 3 377 7990
Fax +64 3 377 7991